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A drop of Santo Cuviso on the tongue and you’ll understand that true alchemists know how to quench the soul.  Each barrel of bacanora is handcrafted from 100% Agave Angustifolio piñas, harvested in Sierra de Sonora, México, and distilled by Master Bacanorero, Manuel “El Toro” Chacón, whose process infuses every drop with the sacred magic of three generations.  
100% organic. 100% wild. 100% sinfully good. 


Artesan  Magic


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artesan magic

That’s how the Jesuit missionaries referred to it back in the summer of 1756 when the Ópata Indians offered it up as a healing remedy. It didn’t take long for the Jesuits to praise the benefits of a daily dose. Legend has it that they broke their bread with it religiously, certain that each and every agave plant is a gift from God.  

The irony, of course, is that the Jesuit missionaries arrived in Sonora hoping to save Indian souls, but it was their souls that were saved, sip by sip. We’re certain the minute you taste Santo Cuvisio, you’ll feel the same saving grace.  



hecho a mano


hecho a mano

The hands of our Master Bacanorero, Manuel “El Toro” Chacón, embrace so much more than just a family recipe. They hold the legacy of three generations who risked their lives to distill and deliver their passion for the spirit of Santo Cuviso. Bacanora production was banned for 77 years in Sonora, México, and those who were caught distilling agave were hanged or imprisoned…but the Chacón family persevered and when the ban lifted in 1992 everyone knew why—Santo Cuviso holds the power to turn saints into sinners.  

Transforming agave piñas (hearts) into Santo Cuviso is a sacred science. Manuel and his team harvest the wild agave, then clean and roast the piñas over mesquite and oak in an underground volcanic stone oven for days. Then they crush every heart, grinding them down to their pure essence and extracting the juices that remain. The juices are poured into vats to ferment and then, once purified, double-distilled in handcrafted copper alambiques. The result? Something you simply can’t get enough of.